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Shaolin Temple Weapons Master

At Shaolin Kungfu Chan of Las Vegas you will find authentic, traditional Shaolin kung fu from the Shaolin Temple of Henan Province, China.   It is described as northern style kung fu but is commingled with the southern style.

Shaolin kung fu is one of the most comprehensive of all martial arts.  Its myriad techniques include punching, kicking, leg sweeps, tripping, elbow and knee strikes, gripping and joint locks (Chin Na), acrobatic jump kicks, and head butts among others.  It is an art which focuses on the external exercises making the body stronger and faster for attack and defense as well as internal aspects which focuses on flow of chi. Kung fu also involves philosophy which goes beyond just the physical.


Students holding horse stance ("mabu") with Shifu.

Kung fu is described as "time and effort".  It is not just about learning but practicing.  It's a way of life.  It takes perseverance, dedication, and focus to push the body and mind to perform on a consistent basis.  To prepare and condition your body for kung fu activity in class you will be encouraged to exercise drills and basic movements.  This type of training on a regular basis will enhance your flexibility, strength, endurance and speed. All newcomers will start with the basic forms to develop familiarity and coordination and eventually move on to more advanced techniques and application.

Shaolin has extensive weapons training as well.  Master Shi Xing Wei specializes in the Shaolin 18 Weapons and has won many awards for exceptional performances using the weapons.  Generally he will start students with the staff after the basic forms have been learned.  Techniques for the other weapons are taught later in training.




Animal forms are also an important and well known aspect of Shaolin.  Masters in the past would patiently watch other living creatures as they attacked for food or defended against predators.  Their movements were adapted into human form and hence came Tang Lang Quan (Praying Mantis Fist), Wu Xing Quan (Five Animals Fist using Dragon, Tiger, Crane, Leopard and Snake), Hou Quan (Monkey Fist) and so on.


The SanDa class is part of the kung fu program and is also taught by Master Shi Xing Wei.  It is Chinese kickboxing which differs from American kickboxing because throws can be executed and knee and elbow strikes are more common.  Students are paired up to work on power, speed and accuracy in fighting and defensive techniques.



Chin na is a close range defensive technique which comes from Shaolin. 'Chin' translates to seize or catch and 'na" translates to hold or control.  Gripping, joint locks, pressure points and tripping are some methods utilized in Chin Na to subdue the opponent.  You will find chin na in the kung fu or san da classes.

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